The Schleswig-Holstein State Initiative for RDM

The universities and research institutions in Schleswig-Holstein have come together to launch a state initiative for research data management (RDM). This initiative promotes collaborative solutions and enables effective coordination, sharing of expertise, and the creation of common structures for handling research data. Through this partnership, efforts are being made to collectively address contemporary research data management locally while sharing knowledge and resources.

Lecture Series “Data Horizons”

The digital lecture series on the state of Research Data Management (RDM) in Schleswig-Holstein has begun!

April 22, 2024 Hela Mehrtens: “Research Data Management as a Community Service: Local - National - Global”

The talk will be held in German.

More information here!


info April 16, 2024

FDM-SH @ DiWo 2024

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Focus on Sustainable Research Data Management

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"DatenHorizonte" Enters Its Second Round

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